MSPStream’s Wireless Network Assessment is a comprehensive professional service which enables our customers have reliable and secure wireless networks. Considering the fact that wireless and mobile computing have become more pervasive, a reliable and secure wireless infrastructure has become mission critical in every vertical market.

MSPStream’s Wireless Network Assessment starts well before the site survey is performed. Understanding the business need, existing environment, security concerns and growth plans are all part of the process. With our best-of-breed best practices and assessment tools, MSPStream’s certified professionals deliver a quality wireless network assessment of your environment, ensuring that you can extend your capabilities, grow and secure new business. MSPStream acts as a trusted advisor to your business to enable you focus more on your primary business.

Business driver for wireless assessment:
Site surveys ensure a successful and efficient wireless network deployment. MSPStream helps organizations looking to deploy new networks or enhance existing ones using wireless technologies to assess the environment for optimal wireless network design, management and potential security concerns.
– New installations – MSPStream determines capital investment and obtain the number and preferred location of access points for the best coverage before the initial deployment
– Existing installations – MSPStream verifies the number of access points required versus the number actually deployed and validate their location to ensure optimal performance for all end users
– Ongoing optimization – MSPStream ensures optimal performance by conducting periodic site surveys in order to account for changes in the Wi-Fi environment
MSPStream’s site assessment service uses automated software and industry best practices to locate and map authorized and unauthorized wireless access points, review any corporate access point deployment, analyze the environment for interference, design and plan a robust Wi-Fi infrastructure.

MSPStream will deliver the following:
– Report identifying recommended AP installation locations
– Site survey containing individual floor plans that indicate AP mounting recommendations, sources of interference and areas of concern/out of scope including survey files
– Heat map showing RF coverage of the entire floor
– Spectrum analysis report including the locations shown graphically on a floor plan of possible interferers such as microwave ovens and cordless phones
– Details of all access point antennae, power injectors, cables and grounding needed for complete installation
– Testing methodology and tools

MSPStream’s Site Assessment includes:
– Pre-sales consultation: Consider the business needs, current wireless infrastructure, compliance or mandate issues, and short- and long-term requirements.
– Scope of work: Provide a clear understanding of what services will be performed, when they will be performed and what is required from all parties involved.
– Site survey: Performed on-site by MSPStream certified professionals using industry best practices and the latest tools, the survey will provide a blueprint for the physical design including a complete analysis of the end user location: site map with wireless access point locations, areas of wireless coverage, network connectivity and configuration information. A bill of materials and compliance analysis may also be provided.
– Presentation of the assessment report’s finding and recommendations.
– Interactive workshop to facilitate knowledge transfer on best practices.
– Hard and soft copies of the report.

MSPStream’s site assessment options:
– Small site assessment: buildings of less than 30,000 square feet and on no more than two floors
– Medium site assessment: buildings of 30,000-60,000 square feet and on no more than two floors
– Large site assessment: building of 60,000-100,000 square feet on no more than two floors
– Outdoor surveys: integration with outdoor wireless environments

Benefits of MSPStream’s Wireless Assessments

MSPStream’s site surveys helps to:
– Identify access-point performance, transmission rates, throughput and utilization
– Increase network resiliency and reliability
– Optimize performance
– Improve security posture
– Detect signal bleed outside premises
– Identify devices accessing the network, RF interference and EMI
– Reduce cost of ownership
– Mitigate risks by leveraging experienced and certified professionals
– Achieve optimal configuration for each wireless access point ensuring the best coverage for all end users and systems

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