On January 2, 2014, MSPStream

Technologies partnered with Ipanema Technologies as an Official AppsWork Authorized Partner.

AppsWork guarantees application performance and provides unique visibility on application usage, as a service. AppsWork service provides application traffic management, WAN Visibility, WAN Optimization, WAN Acceleration, WAN Control and WAN Governance.

Provided as a service, AppsWork enables organizations to take full advantage of any line of business application, including cloud and Internet based, guaranteeing performance and delivering full application visibility.

According to Dave White, President North America, Ipanema Technologies: “We are seeing two major trends right now. Firstly, enterprises are dealing with more and more applications over the network including business and recreational applications. The combination of the flows of these new applications, like SaaS-based applications and Unified Communications, as well as the number of solutions and tools within the IT department today considerably increases the complexity of managing business critical applications. Secondly, they are trying to solve this issue with more bandwidth or WAN optimization which considerably increases IT budgets whilst only solving part of the problem”.

Ipanema AppsWork helps enterprises to guarantee ERP, CRM and business application performance to every user regardless of the complexity of their IT. CIOs maintain control of their applications and can dynamically adapt to new usages. They can easily manage their strategic IT transformations, including Unified Communications, SaaS, and Cloud applications. Through Ipanema’s AppsWork, CIOs can embrace social media and BYOD, take full advantage of their hybrid networks, and reduce their IT expenses.

MSPStream is a Managed IT Service Provider based in North America, they provide cutting-edge, secure and scalable Web, Internet and Security Technological solutions tailored to their customer’s needs. MSPStream Professional Services team went through extensive training before obtaining this AppsWork Certification with Ipanema. MSPStream acts as your technology partner in determining cost-effective solutions tailored to your organization’s needs.

To get optimum value out of your existing Corporate WAN or Internet connection and enhance productivity, contact us today. MSPStream will work with you to provide WAN Acceleration, Dynamic bandwidth control and full visibility into your network.

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