1. User Optimization: Deploy an access management system that ensures easy guest and BYOD onboarding with seamless security.

– Quick connect (Internal user)
– Segregate traffic
– Rapid onboarding (employees and guest users)

– Isolate unknown users

2. Application Optimization: Enable effective control of application to ensure predictable performance when the network is under heavy load.
– Full layer visibility
– Policy enforcement based on app
– Prioritize, rate limit and block apps

3. Device Optimization: Classify and manage devices by type, to address their unique characteristics
– Tablets and smartphones have limited Wi-Fi capabilities
– The Wi-Fi network should account for device type when managing roaming and proactively roam sticky clients
– Seamless roaming
– Sticky roaming

4. Spectrum Optimization: Maximise the usage of limited RF spectrum available to Wi-Fi
– 2.4 GHz (Basic performance – 3 channels)
– 5.0 GHz (Best Performance – 21 channels)
– Due to higher throughput and emerging technologies like 802.11ac, the wireless network should move clients to the 5.0 Ghz band whenever possible.

5. Capacity Utilization: Deploy the necessary amount of wireless capacity to meet user requirements.
– Handling varying device densities and use cases requires an appropriate quantity of radius to be deployed

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