These tools are useful for checking connectivity between network devices: desktops, PC’s, routers, switches, websites, application servers, etc.

Ping: used to verify the connections between your operating system and your NIC, and between your computer and every other node on the internet.

Traceroute: used for tracing the network path from one network device to another.

IPConfig /all: displays your computer’s current IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DHCP server and DNS servers.

NsLookup: useful tool for querying and troubleshooting (DNS) servers, use Nslookup to locate DNS Servers and resolve name resolution issues.

Netstat: Displays Protocol Statistics and current TCP/IP network information.

ARP Commands: useful for viewing ARP information.

Show IP Route: will display routing table information.

Wireshark: is a Network Protocol Analyzer, monitors network traffic in real-time.

MRTG: useful SNMP based tool, useful for tracking traffic load peaks and valleys.

SNMP: This is the standard network management protocol.